Author: Ian Fleming

Thunderball (James Bond (Original Series) #9) "The girl looked him up and down. He had dark, rather cruel good looks and very clear, blue-grey eyes. He was wearin...ery dark-blue lightweight single-breasted suit ove...ream silk shirt an...lack knitted silk tie. Despite the heat, he looked cool and clean. And who might you be? she asked sharply. My names Bond, James Bond ..." Whe...tranger arrives in the Bahamas, the locals barely turn their heads, seeing another ex-pat with money to burn at the casino tables. But James Bond has more than money on his mind: hes got less tha...eek to find two stolen atom bombs hidden among the coral reefs. While acting the playboy, Bond meets Domino, sultry plaything of secretive treasure hunter Emilio Largo. In getting close to this gorgeous Italian girl, Bond hopes to learn more about Largos hidden operation ... ...............

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