Young Adult

The Last Days of Lorien

Author: Pittacus Lore

The Last Days of Lorien (Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files #5) Discover what really happened in the final days of the doomed planet from the eyes of Sandor-who would go on to become the reluctant Cêpan to Number Nine. Before Number Four and the others arrived on Earth, they lived on the planet Lorien...lanet filled with others who also had extraordinary abilities...eaceful planet––until the day the Mogadorians attacked, and nearly annihilated, the Loric people. Onl...andful of Loric survived the battle. This is Sandors story. Sandor was tired of bein...eenager, tired of going to school and obeying his teachers and playing by his parents rules. He enjoyed breaking the rules rather than following them. But when he makes one mistake too many, Sandors life takes an unexpected turn, and he is forced join the Lorien Defense Academy. Sandor had never believed in the crazy idea that Lorien needed to defend itself-Lorien wa...eaceful planet, with no apparent enemies. But when Mogadorians suddenly attack, Sandor learns how real that threat was. Now Sandor is one of onl...andful of Loric left alive, and the fate of Lorien is in their hands. ...............

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